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We offer total solution to

meet customers’ target.

Company Introduction

Since 2008, Our team members have many years of experience in the IC design service industry. The company provides integrated circuit layout design services, specializes in analog integrated circuit layout design, and TSMC and the world's advanced (VIS) long-term cooperation of strategic partners to meet the needs of diversified applications and enhance the competitiveness of customer products. The professional technical ability of the team is up to 3nm TSMC Process, which is fully qualified for TSMC Process certification.

Full-custom Layout
  • Analog & Digital layout modify

  • ADC/DAC, PLL, Switch Capacitor Filter,

  • Bandgap, Bias , Amplifiers, I/O Circuit and ESD

  • Driver,  Power IC , RF IC

  • Memory, test key

  • CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, high voltage processes

Technology Process
  • Analog & Digital layout modify

  • ADC/DAC, PLL, Switch Capacitor Filter,

  • Bandgap, Bias , Amplifiers, I/O Circuit and ESD

  • Driver,  Power IC , RF IC

  • Memory, test key

  • CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, high voltage processes


In-House Training:
OrnanTech is an elite team of senior engineers in the industry. Based on years of practical experience in layout, we provide an accurate internal training plan to integrate the concepts and abilities, layout skills, working environment and relevant knowledge required in layout work into our solid courses.


Customer Coath:

OrnanTech can also assist customers to set up their layout engineering team, improve staff training, and provide a complete training plan to cultivate excellent talents. The business model can be setup according to customer demand. This training aims to deliver correct layout concepts and layout methods.

OrnanTech has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign IP companies, and accumulated many technical experience of IP use, integration and verification. The cooperative companies include India, South Korea and Japan. The company provides customers with more comprehensive design services and solutions, and provides customized services. Customer projects cover a number of fields:

Partner ship

AI/Cloud: Internet of things, machine learning, AIoT, AR, VR, smart meters, self-driving ADAS, HPC.

Communication/security: cloud server, storage, rf, multimedia, 5G, GPS, IP camera.

Industrial/consumer electronics: automation control, PLC, 3C products, POS, ASIC, FPGA, RF.

Medical biotechnology: biomedicine, medical devices, sensors (MEMS).




OrnanTech layout engineers come from the industry's senior elites and have been trained with precision. He can be stationed in the client company to provide the best service, comply with the internal confidentiality of the client, and master the client engineering technology and specifications timely and accurately, so as to achieve the time schedule and quality required by the client. Our engineers not only have laid out engineering skills and professional discipline training, but also have the ability to communicate and coordinate, and can work with the project team of the client to complete the task. Form a complementary engineering team with the client's engineering team.




Off-site Project

OrnanTech can provide complete design services for various IC design companies or new product teams. Customers do not need to recruit and train the IC layout engineering team by themselves. From the later stage of the circuit design to the final delivery, the customer's intellectual property rights will be protected.
According to the client's demand for highly integrated layout design, we provide smart integration and the most flexible design to allow the client to complete the case in the shortest time with the lowest time and labor cost.



Technologies Integration

With professional service and high quality design spirit, we provide our customers with the most professional, high quality and fast service. Whether the customer is a new company or a multinational company, our company supports the customer's professional needs in the development stage of the R&D team with the latest layout technology. The experience and professional knowledge of us can help customers to set up their layout engineering team. Meanwhile, we can assist customers to shorten the engineering cycle and quickly bring the products to market with a reduced budget.

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